Need some assistance with this effect


can anyone tell me how to create this shell effect from this video at 7:50? Have tried Tourbillions in FWsim but I can’t get this effect. I also have a foto linked below.


Hi Sven,

unfortunately there’s no good way to build this right now. I have taken a note of this and will let you know if it becomes possible in future updates!


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Hi Lukas,

Thank you. Would be cool as I notice that effect quite often in real shows.

On a different note, how is it going with the implementation of ghost shells? Seems like they are possible to create with different burn durations but quite tedious

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That’s also on our wishlist, I will follow up in this thread when that becomes a reality. Yes, you can build ghost shells by messing around with many different “Stars” but that is very cumbersome.

As you probably know, there are many variations of ghost shells out there. If you have some specific real ghost shells that you like, feel free to post videos here and we will take that into account as we develop the feature.

What about the motor mines? That it will be added to the list.

As well as the quarter peony…

…and even 1/3 peony.

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The effect looks like a farfalle shell. FWsim does have this effect, but it doesn’t look great. It is kind of hard to tell the farfalle effect from the tourbillion in FWsim. I suspect the reason for this, is because they were developed back when particle count was quite limited. So you had to be careful that FWsim didn’t grind to a halt, the moment they went off.

Looking at the farfalle effect, with some more control settings it would be pretty good. A control setting for maximum and minimum lifetime. The ability to insert spark components instead of the default sparks, and maybe controls for the emission speed.

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OK, thanks for the reply guys. Yeah, would be good to get some improbed Tourbillion of Farfalle effects.

Also here is another example of a ghost shell that I like

And this one at 5:36 18. Flammende Sterne Ostfildern 2022 - Italien, 1 Platz (uncut) - YouTube

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Thanks for all the ideas and video links. I am following the discussion and will be referencing this as we make future improvements.

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I have not really had a need for ghost shells yet. But I am sure if you analyzed enough examples of different ghost shells you would be able to come up with a workable system in FWsim. It really just consists of color changes in different patterns. For example, in the above example it seems to be two colour changes of magenta to green to red going from bottom to top.

You could probably use the same principle that is used for the different types in the stepper properties combined with the rotation of the sphere. So, the colour change could be “Mirror From Inside” meaning it goes from the middle and out. Then change the rotation depending on if you want “out” to mean left and right or up and down.

Personally, I would like the ability to create more common effects like spinning tails, flying fish and go getters. You can find workarounds to make representations, but I would prefer to make the actual effects. Generally, more options in the different properties and components, at least in the creative edition to make it more… creative.