New Dutch Competition in 2024?


I thought it would be fun to organize a design competition.
I don’t know what you think, please let me know.
I don’t know if I’m sticking to a model or just an empty plane.
Maybe I can make a kind of “Pyrojam” effect with trees around it.
The jury is international, the prizes are unknown.
Type compitition is pyromusical with min10 minutes and max12.

The ratings will be calculated on:


Please leave a comment what you think and if we should continue this plan.

GR: Joey van Rijswijk
Dutch FWsim Show Team

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You should continue the competition

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I think it’s a good idea, it should be FWsim, it’s an outstanding, great competition

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New FWsim competition end summer 2024

See a little sneak of the platforms of this new compitition!
Firework Festival The Netherlands

Shells above the '3: platform 1 / 5 positions
Singelshots/cakes/comets/mines/shells above '3 : platforms3 / 13 positions
Bengal and other small fireworks: platform 1 / 9 positions

More info coming soon!


Positions ar changes!

Bengal haves now 16 positions!
1M until 3 and 11M unitl 13M are the same.
The middel line of M have now 9 positions!
Shells have still the same positions!

Fireworks is on a beach near the boulevard of Scheveningen.

See video for a show result: FWsim # M38 - obilivion - YouTube

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