New Effects coming Ricasa Fireworks

See the progress of the new effects for FWsim here. This will again be a real life effect.

The fake for FWsim this time will be “Ricasa Fireworks
This is a Spanish fireworks company mainly Valencia.

You can expect a lot of Mines/Cakes/comets with this pack!
The release of the effects is expected around December.

If you want to see more effects, click the link below and download the already created real life effects.

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The effects are ready!
There are not as many as Xena, but they are effects with which you can fill a show.
This pack only contains: Comets/Mines/Lighting cakes/Thunder cakes

You can download via the link that redirects you to all other existing effects I have made!

Do you want to know what’s in it?
Click the link below:

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Sounds great! Can you upload them to the FWsim online effects database?

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