Newbie looks for Feedback

Hi there

I’m quite new to FWsim and have no idea about fireworks at all.

So I made two fireworks and would be very glad to get some feedback what you think about :slight_smile:

Thank you and kind regards,


That’s very good! I’m also new here and I made two London NYE recreations (the second one is coming out today). Would you mind checking it out? You’re very talented!

It looks very nice for Beginner lob -are you sure that you are new in fireworks ?

Thank you very much. Lovely Camera work, makes it much more realistic

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Thank you for the kind words. Accually I’m new in Fireworks (alhtough I’ve travelled once 16’500 km to see 8,5 tonnes of firework beeing fired in 12 minutes :wink:

Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

You have talent! Keep it up! I’m from Brazil, and I want to spend $15.000 to go to London and watch the fireworks lol!