Positioning Fireworks On The London Eye Tutorial

Hi @Lukas!

I would like to know if you could record a video showing how to put Fireworks on the London Eye on FWsim Creative Edition! Would you mind doing it?

Thanks a lot!


We’ve made a video for the Eiffel tower a few days ago. Have you seen that?

It would be the same method for the London Eye. Does the video answer your question?

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Hey @Lukas

Thanks for the video above! I’m trying to create chase sequences on the the London Eye like in this video…

I’ve tried using stepper sequences with the techniques shown in your tutorial but I can’t seem to get the correct placement on the eye, the positions end up all over the place. Would this example have been made with a stepper sequence or are they individual firing positions?

I’m not sure but I believe the author of this video used individual firing positions.

@Lukas I watched the video, but I still don’t get how to put the fireworks on the London Eye because it is a circle. I would be very grateful if you could show us how to do it! Thanks!

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I would like to see it too!
I’m a fan of fireworks on structures like the London Eye.

I created a similar firing sequence for my entry to the New Year competition and I had to use individual (32 to be exact) firing positions located around the outside of the London Eye and time each shot individually. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

@JAMMY can you make a video or send the photos of your show? Because, no matter what, I can’t put the fireworks on the London Eye correctly.

Hi, I’ve use multiple steppers then 2 positions each ends of the steppers to make it easier than putting individual positions 1 by 1 :wink:

Thanks a lot! I love your shows and I would love if you could check out mine as well! I am currently recreating the London 2019 show and I used individual positions. It is not 100% perfect, but for a second show I think it is ok :smiley: But with time I’ll get better!

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Would really love to remake the London NYE shows but on the sly productions which is the producer from 2019-2021 shows don’t release the soundtracks…

I am recreating using the BBC audio. I think I will release it tomorrow. Would you mind checking it out?