Professional v Amateur Pyrotechnic designers & FWSim

I’m very much an amateur when it comes to designing displays, most commonly for entertainment on my large ceiling projector at home. However I found I’d been limited to small demonstrations that were difficult to arrange and had flaws in their mobile app design. Many years old and not updated in ages.

Along came FWSim, just in the nick of time so it seems, I wanted an awe inspiring display to be projected on the front of my white painted house, because FWSim allows for height layers, it turned out to be probably the best software I can use for this purpose.

It is for this reason, I want to be able to include custom add-on sound effects, that can be dragged into the timeline like fireworks and camera angles. It would make for a much more convincing display having an active, almost VR like background in the fireworks display. Rather than having to post edit additional content afterwards.

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