Proposals / Ideas for a sound and light show for FW SIM


I’m not sure if the topic has already been discussed. My idea would be to bring more diversity to this incredible software that is FWSIM. Being passionate about sound and light shows, I’ve often thought that the “light” dimension was complicated to implement in shows on FWSIM. These are features that would be really useful to make our shows truly realistic (such as lasers, spotlights, flamethrowers, smoke machines).

So, my questions for you are as follows:

  • Is it possible to connect the FWSIM tool with a lighting show software?
  • Are there any plans to add features of this kind to the FWSIM software?

However, I’ve tried to create something similar using the tools currently available in the software, which you can find on my YouTube channel if you’re interested: antofestif (UMF 2022 Martin Garrix show).
link : FW SIM UMF 2022 Martin Garrix LIVE - YouTube

Thanks in advance for your answers, and have a good day/evening, fellow pyromaniacs.

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that’s a very cool video. I like how you used the existing capabilities to make something like that.

FWsim Pro can receive timecode via the audio interface. This would allow you to plan a light show in a different software, and then plan the fireworks in FWsim. But they would be displayed in two different applications, and you couldn’t put both into one video.

I will report back here if there’s news on that. In the meantime, if you have additional ideas, just let me know.

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