Pyromusical Show - Japanese Firework Display "The Venerable Ancient Battlefield"

Another attempt at making a pyro-musical show. It’s my first one reaching 5 minutes, even though there are many audio tracks I would love to work with, some are 10 minutes long. Did you ever work on 10+ minutes shows?

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Wow! Those shells looking amazing! Awesome job! The sound of the fireworks are very realistic! How did you do it? Congrats, man!

Fun Fact:: I made a Paris Bastille Day Fireworks 2015 recreation on FWsim and the show was 36 minutes long lol. It was the hardest show I ever did hahaha!

I sometimes work on 10+ minute shows that are mostly fwsim competitions

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@JRSVARIETIESCHANNEL To make the sound effect I did the following:

  • Lower the overall volume of the single audio layer.
  • Duplicate the original one and apply a low pass filter. This simulates the high-frequency dispersion.
  • Duplicate this layer and add a Convolution Reverb, tweak the parameters and add an equalizer to tune the volume of the frequencies you want to reverberate.
  • Mix the audio levels so it doesn’t go into the infamous red zone.
  • Add a Bass enhancer filter on one of the layers, the one you prefer. I tend to put it in my first lowpass filter layer.
  • Manually move the audio forward to the timeline, so that you simulate the delay. The ideal time would be calculated by keeping in mind the speed of sound and the distance from the explosion.

It all sounds so difficult here judging by how I wrote it but it’s actually easy to do all of this in Premiere.

@CSL_PYRO That’s interesting, I may give it a go as well. I’m not a competitions guy but I like to challenge myself and I could actually attempt doing a long mash-up video, either orchestral or EDM (Though I would have to deal with copyright I am afraid)


Well, copyright is inevitable but the important thing is you credited the owner via graphics in the video or description box, then for the competitions, a piece of advice that I will give you is to focus on the theme making, song choice, choreography, and variety of effects for higher scores then you’re set to go.

Thank you for answering! You’ve done an awesome job!

My shows are mostly in a duration of 20 to 30 minutes. but my longest show lasts about 49 minutes.

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