Radiant - Arknights

My second attempt at a pyromusical show. The recent experience of the Redentore firework display inspired some parts of the show as well as the layering.
One of the things I quite like is the “lack of perfection”, in the sense that like it happens in reality, shots may have delays due to various factors, so music and shells do not necessarily sync perfectly, but that’s the beauty of realism.
Video and audio were post-processed to achieve a simulated HDR look as well as a different sound.
Ghost Shells are edited from the Simulation Fireworks Association ones, available on this website: https://simhanabi.org/

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How did you do this one shell that the color comes from the left to the right ???

These shells are named “Ghost Shells” or “Time Lag Shells” and they are found on many Japanese firework shows, as well as some Italian ones (Parente or Lieto for example).
The author of the shells is @Ryosuke and you can find them on the Simulation Fireworks Association website.

Yeah nice, but i can’t find there the ball ghost shell from your video :smiley: It looks so nice, wanna have it to.

If you can provide me with a timecode I might be able to point you towards the shell.

Okey, the timecode is 1:36. And the one shell before.

You probably mean this shell here, you can customize it here https://simhanabi.org/en/shell/50/185/, The shell before it is still experimental and I do not think it was released at the moment, but could be soon.

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Thank you bro :slight_smile: