Reccomended specifications

What specs would you reccomend for FWSIM to be usable? (RAM and stuff)

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we list the currently recommended specifications at the bottom of the FWsim website here:

These are currently:
“PC with Microsoft Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7 (64 bit)
Dedicated Graphics Card
At least 4GB RAM
Monitor resolution at least 1280 * 1024.”

These are minimum requirements. Probably 8GB of RAM would be better than 4.

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How well would, lets say, Sydney new year fireworks run on 4GB?

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That would depend on what fireworks you use.

I guess that a show on a large scale like Sydney NYE would need 8GB in order to run well. This of course depends on how you design it - FWsim does not include a Sydney show. Please note that this is just a guess based on the memory that FWsim needs - we have not conducted precise tests on that.