Request to custom colours

Would it be possible to see the custom colours we have chosen when we go back to a star or tail?

Currently, there isn’t a way to adjust an existing custom colour. It would be preferable to have the colour editor open on the current custom colour instead of black.

Click the cross on the color selection then select any custom color then click Add to Custom Colors. It will save your custom color for later.

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I would need a lot more than the 16 custom colours there is room for. I currently use 29 different standard colours just for stars.

Ultimately, I would be nice to have swatch libraries with the ability to name different colours and save them to different libraries.

At the moment I would be happy if I could go back and see the custom colours in previous effects, without having to open the FWE-file in notepad. I think I remember FWsim used to work like that.

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Thanks both of you for the ideas. I have added these suggestions to our internal wishlist and will post here when we have news.

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