Shaped fireworks

Is there any other shape forms besides atoms like, Examples: Cubes, and Swirls? Also shaped instruments would be nice also. :smiley:

Try to open the Effect Editor and create a pattern effect using “Custom Shape” distribution. It’s very simple!

I don’t see how to do it. :confused:


here’s a tutorial made by an FWsim user:

And I have one addition to that video:
If you are in MS Paint, I suggest you only place individual pixels instead of drawing lines. This is because every pixel becomes a star.

Let me know if anything is unclear.

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How did you get to that page?

In order to get to the point at which the video starts, please try this:

  1. Click Tools → Effect Editor
  2. A window will pop up, asking you which kind of effect you want to create
  3. Select a Peony
  4. Click the “Stars” in the sidebar

From this place, you can follow the instructions in the video.

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How do you do a cube then?

Oh, this is unfortunately not possible yet. The current “Custom Shape” method allows only to create shapes in 2D.

Since I got you how do i make it Dark mode on the Forum?

I had a quick look, unfortunately I couldn’t find a dark mode setting here on the forum.