Shapes Arrows Smiley Face

How do you get custom shapes? And how do you make a Smiley Face?

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Quite simple, go to the Effect Editor and make a simple shell with stars. In the Distribution section, go to the Shape dropdown and select Custom Shape then click the black image and it opens MS Paint. In Paint, select the Pencil tool and draw small individual pixels with desired colors.


Thank you fy1vo51. I will surely try that. Ariel :

hello again; I cannot find where it say Effect Editor. I do remember with my other PC I had what was called MSPaint. It is listed in my Programs as but when I try to locate Effect Editor I cannot find it. When I click say where you change colors, and I click the plus sign–Effect Editor does not come up like it did with my other PC.

I have windows 11, Dell if this helps.


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Effect editor is where you create your firework shells

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