Share your Feedback about the new Graphics, Star Sizes and Glow [Poll]

The v3.5 update has been released earlier this month. Now, we would like to check if there is any tuning that still needs to be done, or anything that you would like to see changed. Please fill out this poll and, if you like, post a comment below with your opinions.

How do you like the glowing effect in the new version?

Please note: Glow is only enabled in Medium, High and Very High quality - not in Low.

  • It’s good
  • It’s too strong, then I used the adjustment slider in the preferences and now I’m happy
  • It’s too strong, then I used the adjustment slider, but I wasn’t able to get the look I want
  • It’s too weak
  • I have a different problem with the glow (please post below)

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What do you think about the sizes of stars?

  • They are the right size
  • Too big
  • Too small

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The graphics in general…

  • v3.5 looks better to me than 3.4
  • I prefer the older look of FWsim 3.4

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Thanks everyone!

Everything looks better, but also bigger. That is not really a problem with the tails as I can adjust the size of the sparks, but I can’t do anything about the stars.

It seems like FWsim by default is set up for very large shells. The effects I use are mainly between 20 mm and 75 mm. The physics and look get a little wonky with small effects.

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Thanks everyone for voting. We have just released a new update based on your feedback,

In the new update, we have made the stars slightly smaller. We also reduced the contrast for a more natural look.

In addition to that, there is now a “Contrast” setting in the Preferences under “Graphics”. This should allow everyone to get their favourite look.

If you find that you still don’t like the look in some way, please post here and let us know.

Am I the only one who’s enjoying the low contrast settings for then editing the colour in post-processing? This is an example of what you can achieve:


I think improvements can be made on the glow effect. The contrast and glow amount sliders are perfect.