Simulated HDR Show

This is my attempt at elaborating FWsim videos with video and audio.

I attempted to simulate a fake HDR effect and added glow and some quick colour grading.
I tried to replicate realistic audio by adding delay, reverb and some background ambience.


Nicely done. I would love a setting to add realistic delay in the sound.


I would love it as well. It could be done easily in theory I think, by setting the sound play function to play with a delay which depends on the camera position ( If it’s 400m away from the viewpoint, it will take about one and a little more to be heard). I do not know how intensive it would be if the software had to keep track of all of the distance of the cues played, perhaps Lukas can give us a better idea about the weight of this setting on the performance.
There’s something else which we would have to take into account, that is the farther the distance, the lower the frequencies which will be heard. It may be easy with a filter, but again this means a possible impact on performances.

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