Simulation Fireworks Association 2020 - Submission until October 31

New fan-organized FWsim competition:

Entries can be submitted from now until October 31. Competition entries will be uploaded to YouTube. There are three categories: assigned song, free song, single shell.

Information in English:

Information in Japanese:

This competition was organized by Japanese FWsim users. We are not involved with the competition itself, for any questions please contact them.

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The link page for english is dead

Link updated, it should work now.

Hi, I am a manager of this contest.
Thanks for creating this topic page!

We introduce main purpose of this contest below.

Around 600 A.D., black powder was invented in China and the fireworks culture began. Initially, it was used for military purposes, but gradually the firecracker culture was born, and later, with the development of science and technology after the 18th century, and various kinds of fireworks appeared.
And now, fireworks are about to evolve with digital technology. Fireworks that are set off using software synchronized with music have become popular at fireworks shows all over the country. And, at the same time, digital technology (example FWsim) is creating a new art field “Simulation fireworks” now.
We sincerely hope that many people will be interested in simulation fireworks at this contest and it will make the fireworks culture developed further.

We are looking forward to your entries!
If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I introduce rules of three categories:

  1. Assignment song category
    (i)Entries compete for production with the same song.
    (ii)The title of assignment song is “Meteor Shower” introducing URL below.

  2. Free song category
    (i)Entries will arbitrarily select song and compete for the production. In addition, production without song is also acceptable.
    (ii)The video time should be between 2 min. (120 seconds) and 7 min. (420 seconds).

  3. Single shell category
    (i)The video time should be within 20 seconds.
    (ii)Include the same fireworks shell five times within the above time.
    (iii)No song is required.

We are looking forward to your entries!
If there is anything we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Simulation Fireworks Competition was live-streamed at Nov. 28th.
We are accepting audience votes now! (until Dec. 5th)
Please take a look and participate in the audience judgement.


0:29:55 Opening fireworks
0:38:42 Single Shell Category
0:43:56 Assignment Song Category
0:59:57 Free Style Song Category
1:32:15 Ending

[Competition Program]

[Audience Judging Page]

You should probably activate an embedded feature, it seems is doesn’t work

About audience judging page,
although our website is working now without any problems,
but I think having a network problem.
so, I made the audience judging form using Google Form.

Will it be displayed?

“2nd Simulation Fireworks Competition” will be held on November 6 ,2021.
The live stream will begin at 9:30 a.m. (UTC) the above day.
Of course, you can also watch the archive video after the live stream ends.

And , you can also participate in the judging process.
=>Audience Judging Page(the period is Nov. 6 to 14)


We hope you will enjoy the shows!

3rd Simulation Fireworks Association 2022 - Submission until Oct 20

“3rd Simulation Fireworks Competition” will be held on November 12 , 2022.
You can entry in this competition between Aug 20-Oct 20 .

This competition has three categories i.e. “Assignment category”, “Single shell category” and “Free music category”. You can enter up to one work per person per category.
Please see the following URL for details.

We look forward to your participation!

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