Small Pyromusical Show in London Bridge

I made this small show in order to take advice from others more experienced how is look like.

what mistakes there are and maybe ideas for more productive way of thinking.

i am trying not to shoot too much in a show…i have seen such shows and it seemed that they were shooting just for shooting.

i believe that you have to shoot really when it needs and not too much beacause the picture in such shows are chaotic and not neccessary good.

i export it in 60fps.

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Hi I have watched your show and hereby like to give you some feedback. In itself, the show is well done - I also absolutely agree with you on the point “less is more”.

As the official effects designer for FWsim, I paid special attention to the effects. Your show is very colorful and benefits from different effects. Here it sometimes makes sense to orientate on the content of the music. For Heart of Courage/ Protectors of the Earth from Two steps from hell, for example, I would work a lot with gold and darker colors like red or blue. These reflect the triumph and the sublime emotions conveyed by the music. Sometimes it helps to watch a music video and the album cover beforehand. Listen to the track a few times and see what effects and colors come to mind.
I would also suggest to divide the fireworks into layers. Ground effects such as volcanoes/bengal pots form one level. The level above is filled with comets / mines or small effects. And the upper level is filled with big shells. You can then use the effects precisely. If you use e.g. golden effects with red stars on the top layer, I would advise to use similar effects on the lower layers, so that everything gives a uniform picture. It’s good, for example, to give certain sections of the show a “theme” through the colors and only work with other effects and colors in a new section of the music piece (such as the chorus). This might be something you could try out in your show.
Also make sure that the explosions of the shells are absolutely in sync with the music. You might be able to do some fine tuning there.

If you have any further questions or if a topic has aroused your interest, feel free to contact me! I hope that my suggestions and opinions help a little.

Best regards,

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Hello Markus.

Thank you for your valuable respond.i appreciate it.
In that show i didnt give extra attention as s far as the compbination of shells for that reason i didnt use suitable colores.

I wanted in first case to tell me about the choices i did for the synchronization…

If i am ok in general lines in that part, then i will continue to develop the combination for shells and low level effect.

I know that i have to saperate with lines low level effect,bengal flames and addition i dont shoot shells all with the same size i shoot different sizes to fill the sky ip and down.but as i told you in that show i interested in the kinf of choices of synchronization i did .

For that what you think? How it looks my synchronization?

I expect advices.

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