Strange Rotation of launchers

I’ve noticed that some of the launchers are facing front/back even though I have front/back set at Zero. Is there a way to “reset” launchers? Or perhaps my positions are out of alignment?

Maybe you can just hit delete mortars.
If you still have it, take a look with a standard camera if you are in the right position (if you used camera movement)
If not, I would delete those mortars (effect whatever you chose) and then save the show.
And then restart, see if that helps.
Also make sure you have the Front, back, left and right set to 0. This could result in your fireworks being fired towards or away from you.

If not it might @Lukas help

See image!

Hi @Jaguar,

that’s strange, let me investigate!
Can you send me the show file via private message? I will have a look.


Ok, I’ve figured it out.
“Front/Back & Left/Right” are specifically relative to the centred x/y/z starting point of the map instead of being relative to the centre of the position. So because I’ve moved the positions and changed their orientation, the mortars are no longer in line with the position marker(s). So what I think is left/right - is actually untrue. Eventually if I move the positions more - the ability to use the tilting sliders becomes impossible to predict.

Got it!

Yes, the left/right is always relative to the default viewing position (standard camera).
I realize this can lead to unexpected results when moving stuff around.

What can we change to make this behaviour more convenient for you? Would it be preferable if the rotation was relative to the firing lines?

Yes, I think it would make setup and designing much more intuitive if mortar origins were relative to the firing lines instead of the map.

Also - an option to “lock” a mortar stepper group to a selected firing line. That would allow the mortar group endpoints to be dragged back and forth on the firing line without them jumping to another line. The way they work now - it gets frustrating trying to drag them without them jumping off unexpectedly.

Thanks. I will let you know when we have news about these things.


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