Stuff I Would Like To See On FWsim On The Future

Hi @Lukas!

I really love FWsim! It is fun to use and it is very realistic! But, I have some ideas on what I think would be cool to be added!

  1. More realistic Catherine Wheels

Even though I don’t use them very much, it would be way more realistic if they stood on the show since the beggining, not only when they are activated!

  1. Water

It would be very cool if you could add, on the Scenary menu, the option to choose water with reflection, which would give a realistic look to the software!

  1. 3D Barges

A nice thing to be added would be 3D barges, with 3D mortars on the ground!

  1. New launch animation!

This is the only part on FWsim that I don’t think is realistic! This would be very nice to be changed!

  1. New Smoke Animations!

If the star / tails could leave a smoke trail, the simulator would look INCREDIBLY good! And the smoke could stay longer on the show as well!

That’s it! I would appreciate if those things could be added in a future uptade! Thanks for your amazing job!

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Thanks for your ideas and your kind words!


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