Suggestions Light ( Lyre Beam , Lyre Spot , Laser )

Here’s an idea that we would all like, I think you should add a lighting system like Lyre Beam, Lyre Spot, Laser, it would be really good for our 3D shows because the small lights already present in the simulator are not very effective .



thanks for your feedback. I understand you are working on shows involving DMX lights and lasers.

As you have realized, while FWsim Pro offers DMX functionality, those are quite limited. We would like to expand upon these in a future update.

Could you share a bit more about your specific scenario?
Specifically, I’m curious which DMX devices you are using, besides Lyre Beam and Lyre Spot. I’d also like to know which DMX control system you are using and how that is connected to the pyros.

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For now, I’m not yet working on a show, I just have some ideas in my head.

But otherwise, I have ideas like a projector, a Beam Lyre that aims at the sky (or anywhere, it will depend on where we want it to aim) which we can see its beam and which moves from right to left, that is to say, it aims from point A to point B and also a function that we can change its color if we wish during its movements.

Otherwise, I very rarely use the DMX functionalities for now because as you said, these are quite limited, that’s why I proposed my idea to you.

Here’s an example :


That’s a great idea, maybe Lukas can add simulated searchlights just like in Disney Parks!


Yes, exactly, it will be really useful for us to have searchlights like in the Disney parks.


I found another example where someone managed to put on a 3D show with fwsim, lasers, and searchlighting.

Here it is:

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I have a question, will you add the suggestion in a future update? If so, how long do you think?

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Cool, thanks for posting that video.

Since we are a small company, our development is scheduled in a quite flexible way. Therefore, unfortunately I cannot answer your question - I do not know if and when this feature will come.

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