Top Pyromusical Shows

I have seen a lot of pyromusicals shows but the shows of DEFQON for me are the ELITE of imagination and synchronization.

I am saying that because there is a thing that is more difficult than synchronization.
Synchronization only needs the waveform of the track and find the exact points you want to shoot.

The difficult part which have only talented people It is to achieve to match the music you hear with what you see.

You cant shooting fireworks only for shooting fireworks. The key is the productive imagination with suitable colours and shapes and suitable timing.

Suitable positions-Suitable shells-Suitable one shots.
Firing when really it needs and not only for just shooting.



You make a great point about pyromusicals. Just synchronizing to the music is the easy part. The hard part is making something that really fits the music.

My two favourite Pyromusicals of all time are the shows by Apogee Fireworks and Luso Pirotecnia - at the Nuits de Feu 2006 in Chantilly.

These two shows were the original inspiration for creating FWsim.


excellent shows.
2006…nice seasons…you remind me a lot…


I totally agree with that too! I favor especially fireworks to emotional titles, which can be given more emphasis by the use of various effects!

Here are my favorites shows:

The second already has, in my opinion, high emotional value, which can be linked to current events.