Tutorial: How to make a faced shape shell in Effect Editor

I will show you a new tutorial for how to make a shape shell that it faced on camera in Effect Editor of FWsim.

  1. Create new empty effect

  2. Create new shell component

    Just let the explosion to Auto as default

  3. Create a Shell-of-Shells and decrease the sub-shells into 1 then change all settings to this

  4. Put the explosion delay to 0,0 and change any energy as you want then disable the sound and make the explosion color invisible

  5. Now edit Stars component from the Shell-of-Shells, use the X-Axis rotation to 180 then select Custom Shape

  6. Create new shape using MS Paint

    Basic star shape example

  7. Save your picture and close MS Paint, test your effect and voilà! Your Star shaped shell has faced on camera!

Bonus: You can create a detailed shaped shell like this as example:

This image was used for a fireworks display of Australia Day at January 26th.

That’s it for the tutorial!

Awesome! I did something similar for my London 2019 show! It will be coming out soon! It was a smiley face!