Two quick questions

I’ve been using the basic version for over a year now and keep finding things I didn’t know can be done. It is really impressive. So I’m considering purchased the pro version licenses as I have been crewing on a display company now and I’d like to be able to script shows that I can send them for consideration when we have shoots.

1st) I mainly use the basic version on my home pc. However being I travel often I also have it installed on my laptop for when I’m in the mode to script but I’m not at home. Can I still do this with the Pro version license?

2nd) In the pro version am I able to import our fireworks catalog of items we currently have in stock so I don’t have to manually build each effect?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

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thanks for your message and welcome to the forum.

All licenses for FWsim allow you to install the software on two computers, so it’s fine to have it on your home PC and a laptop.

When it comes to fireworks catalogues, it is currently not possible to import and have them automatically be simulated. However, we might be able to help you getting your effects in the software. Just send me a private message or email and we’ll discuss the details.

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Great. Thanks for the info.

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