Uniform star placement?

It looks like the star placement became uniform at some point. This is especially problematic with cakes as the placement of the stars, from shot to shot, are in the same place. It looks very artificial. Am I overlooking a setting?

Would it be possible to implement an option for a random rotation? Perhaps between two values?

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thanks for your message. There are various randomizations in FWsim. In order to answer your question, please tell me more about your cake that you are designing:

Is this a cake consisting of comets? Or shells? Or mines? Or something else?
Can you send me the effects file?

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I figured it out. It only happens in the effect editor. I seem like there are different settings that doesn’t appear in the effect editor, only in the show view. I had a zipper cake with flying fish and stars in a mine shape.

In the effect editor the mines all had the same burst direction, and the flying fish all had the same pattern of flight. That does not happen in the show view.

Would it be possible to have the effects be identical in both the effect editor and the show view? I would also suggest an option for zooming in and out in the effect editor.

Thanks for the clarification.

In the effect editor, inaccuracies are usually not displayed. This is intentional - seeing the effect without inaccuracies makes it easier to design. But perhaps it leads to bad visual results in your case. Feel free to send me your effect file via email and I will try it out. (You can find your effect file in “Documents” -> “FW-Sim”).

Maybe there could be a button or check box for switching back and forth. Other than that, I can simply check it in the show view.

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