Your favorite fireworks locations

Hello everyone,
since the real location feature has been available for some time now, we asked ourselves the question, what are YOUR favorite locations? Where in the world do you think fireworks are the most spectacular or best staged? We are looking forward to your opinions! If you like, please post your favorite locations.
Of course, we have also picked out some interesting locations for the trailer for FWsim 3.5. Maybe they will inspire you for the next show:

  1. Amalfi Coast (Latitude: 40.63344, Longitude: 14.60291)

  1. Monaco (Latitude: 43.73579, Longitude: 7.425625)

  1. Arc de Triumph, Paris (Latitude: 48.87392, Longitude: 2.29499)

  1. Herrenhäuser Gärten, Hannover (Latitude: 52.38826, Longitude: 9.69664)

  1. Cristo Redentor, Rio de Janeiro (Latitude: -22.95180, Longitude: -43.21047)

  1. Belvedere Castle, Vienna (Latitude: 48.19171, Longitude: 16.38082)

  1. Lake Garda, Verona

  1. Sydney Opera House, Sydney

We look forward to your discussion and suggestions!


To me, that has to be Venice, more specifically the area in the Canal Grande area. Here’s a few pictures from the area:
(View from St Mark’s Basilica)

(View from the Giudecca canal)

(View from the Giudecca island, from below - actual position of where I was when I witnessed a firework show there)

This location comes with a few limitations, however: the firing area is 400m, and the shell caliber limit is 200mm (This apparently due to how fragile the structures of the city are)

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Question @Mangmod, what scale size number of an imported real location?

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I don’t know if I understood the question well. If you mean the location parameters here they are:

Here’s a picture with a long-exposure procedure:

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