[Help request/feature] - Cylindrical shell explosions

Hello everyone,
Lately I have been experimenting with many things to get shells looking something like these:

And I tried in many ways, with stacked rings, angled, mines, crossettes but nothing gets similar enough to get this effect. These are two examples with mines (up) and rings (down)

The idea is to replicate this type of firework, very widely used in Western fireworks (just think of the 20mm cakes they sell at many shops!)


If someone has an idea or a demo which can be sent about how to make these popular shells, please let me know!

Alternatively, I know I might be asking too much of the already busy team, but could this become a type of shell shape just like the sphere? Or eventually an option on the sphere shape to control how much “squashed” it is?
Thank you for your attention!

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