(UPDATE REQUEST) New Effect Types

Greetings, @Lukas.

For the next update in the upcoming weeks, most ghost shells (2D and 3D, peonies and ring types), 1/3 peonies (Cartesian Bands), 1/4 peonies (Azimuth Slices), and swimming stars using shell of shells will cause too much glow in the ground. The solution is, we want to make some of their effects to reduce the glow in the background.

Here are some examples of the following pictures and videos below:

A quarter peony (you may add 4 more to make 8 sides on the half quarter peony)

Cartesian peony (limit up to 5 stacks)

A ghost shell

3D Ghost Shell (Peony type)

3D Ghost Shell (Peony type, multiple rings style)

2D Ghost Ring (in different types)

3D Ghost Ring (except peony and pistil in the video)

images (5)
Swimming stars

Wave to swimming (in Multiple Changing stars method)

These examples that we want to add for the next update. Hope these effects will be a perfection! Thanks!

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I don’t speak as a developer, but getting all these effects in the upcoming effects will be extremely hard, if not impossible. While I am sure we will eventually get them, I think we have to wait for some time. All we can do is reinforce our request but also try all we can with our tools.

For me, even small additions like these proposals ([Help request/feature] - Cylindrical shell explosions - [Feature request] Non-Inherit velocity toggle for SoS - Request: Slider for height inaccuracy - Is it possible to make a shell of shells explode vertically?), would make a big difference. Of course, we all want ghost shells - and I use some premade ones where I need them - but I think the “Phase” feature in the current beta update is the starting point for them. We have to see. Of course, more shell shapes and/or instructions on how to make them would be a huge game-changer. Imagine having the possibility to add your own algorithm to make, for example, these happozaki shells without relying on crossettes or speed variations! Or even more to make the inaccurate spheres we often see in real fireworks (not the ones with speed variations, but rather when a shell explodes more elliptically than a sphere).

I hope for the best! And who knows, maybe the developers have some surprises for us.

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Thanks for your support, @Mangmod. Hope these effects will be updated once the developer is green lit!

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Thanks for your feedback. I understand that you are suggesting new effects, and you are also commenting that the glow in the current 3.5 beta update is too much.

I appreciate these suggestions on new effects, as well as the input of everyone else who commented.

We will have a look at the glow settings over the next two weeks and possibly tone it down a bit.

Best Regards,

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