Is it possible to make a shell of shells explode vertically?

Hello everyone. Recently I have been wanting to replicate Italian stutata shells and I noticed that one of the key traits in many of them is that the cylindrical shell detonates in a mine shape, vertically-directed. The question is: Is it possible to replicate this behaviour somehow in FWsim? I tried the “Rotate” function to force it to stay vertical but without any success. Perhaps, if not yet implemented, could it be possible for having an option to keep the desired direction, or a range of randomness? I guess from a coding standpoint there is a random roll/seed to determine the direction of a mine when in the air, so perhaps it could be possible to “skip” this roll?
The picture below should illustrate what I mean, on the left the desired situation and on the right what often happens with mine-shaped shell of shells.



this is currently not possible. Could you link one or several videos of real effects that show this behaviour? (Just to make sure I understand what you want as precisely as possible)

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Thank you for the reply. Yes, here are a few examples. (Timestamp 1:12) (Timestamp 8:10) (Timestamp 0:07)

Hope they are useful!

Thanks! I have taken a note of this request and will post here when we have news.


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What I have done to achieve this effect is :
-Create a shell with high launch velocity and few invisible stars. Ensure that it has very low explosion energy, less than 40 for example. The invisible stars will be your SOS. You can add Popping Flowers to these shells if you like.
-Set the stars to have high relative speed, high position randomness, but keep the shape set to spherical. Hemisphere and Ring shapes seem to work well, too.
-Add a crossette and use it as the primary effect. Turn off auto speed and use it as your explosion energy for the crossette. Use a number higher than 40 for 75mm equivalent, 100 for about 150-200mm equivalent.

For the higher secondary explosion like in your first link, simply add a second explosion at a much later delay with the desired tails, stars, and SOS details you like.
You cannot expand upon the crossettes beyond tails and explosion sparks, but you should be able to create versions of your desired effect this way. Hope this helps!

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I gave it a try and damn, it was great! Thank you for the tip. This is one of the results I achieved: