Request: Slider for height inaccuracy

Hello, I’ve been recently at a firework show and there was something which I initially didn’t pay attention to, but once I tried to recreate part of it in FWsim, I noticed that there was something odd… More specifically, it was too perfect to be true, even with the “Realistic” setting which randomizes the height and timing.

With this in mind, I would like to make a request, if possible: to tweak the formula which assigns the randomization of height for the shell by adding a slider of random height variation, in the form of a percentage - or meters, depending on what’s easier to code -. The idea is that this variation takes the set shell height as its “0%” randomization, while a value of 25% (which may be a lot!) will give the shell the random chance of exploding at 25% shorter than the original value.
For a practical example, if you have a shell set to deflagrate at 100m, with the 25% setting you may have it explode at 93, 99, 80 and even 75m for example.
Its position should be directly in the shell editing tab, below the Diameter setting.

Think of how useful it can be when you have to make small cakes with 20mm tubes, or even giant kamuro finales with the “middle-height” shells having a large variation in height, it would “distribute” them more randomly and potentially, “more realistic”.

Thank you for your attention!

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That’s an interesting request, thank you. It sounds like you would like the shell heights to be more randomized.

One thing you need to know about the inaccuracy setting is that it affects many things, not just the shell heights. It sounds like you would like the shell explosion heights to be more random, but maybe you are happy with other aspects of the randomization. So if you had one slider, it wouldn’t be enough - if you turn it up to 200%, you might be happy with the shell heights, but you might think that the distribution of the stars is now too randomized, with some shells ending up very big and some very small.

We’ll think about that as we develop the next version.

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Thats a good suggestion imo. Like i usually achieve random shell heights by spamming copy and paste of the same shell lmao

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Thank you so much Lucas for this development insight! I didn’t know you had one single parameter interlocked with all these features. I guess it is to optimize the code and processing right? I know that having to deal with so many particles is a burden and I guess you are striving to produce the most optimized code possible.

Hope this passes the checklist for the next version!

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Use the Steppers feature

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