Special Effects That Would be Cool to Have in FWsim

Hi Everyone,

Just making a list of some effects that I thought would be cool to have in a new version of fwsim. Logistically, probably few to none of these would be possible, but I thought I’d talk about it if only for fun! Feel free to add any other effects to the list below!

-Multicolor customizable dancing water fountains
-Waterscreens for projections
-Projection mapping
-Multicolor customizable search/spotlights
-Multicolor customizable lasers
-Water reflection
-Customizable lighting for 3D models

Reason I’m bringing this up is because Planet Coaster and RCT3 have some of these features, so I’m don’t necessarily think all of these are impossible. Honestly if these were somehow miraculously implemented, I think it’d be cool to come up with a new name for this new version of fwsim to show that these are multimedia shows.




Also spark machine effect and CO2 cannons could be great ideas!


Thanks Jediah, that are some pretty cool ideas.

I would like to offer better effects in the future, can’t yet say when that will be.

Please keep the ideas coming, and feel free to post any videos of cool effects that you. When I work on improving the effects in the future, I will be checking up on this thread.

Why not you implement a new, improved and realistic animated launch flame by using a real flame and some sparks flying up to the air instead of PNG vector image for the future version. That would be awesome!

Sounds great! We’ll do that at some point!

Being able to set circles would be cool :slight_smile:

As a lover of pyromusicals that utilise a lot of those effects (Disney displays, theme parks, etc) I 100% agree on the idea of fountains, lights, lasers and fire.

Granted that would probably be hard to incorporate in the sim as it is majorly fireworks based but awesome ideas nonetheless! :smiley:


I just got registered, but maybe you know how they do the 2021 at 9seconds in this movie:
Is there a way to display 2021 or other names or numbers?
Thanks in advance for the thinking

Bart from Holland

I think thats the custom shape. Under the firework editor, if you go down to Distribution you can do a custom shape there. I could be wrong tho so dont quote me.

The 2021 effect there is created by synchronising the launch times of individual star comets so as to create the numbers when fired in the correct sequence. Takes a while to time correctly but looks great once you crack it! :smiley:

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I hope the issue with the accent stars being blocked by the 3D models even if firing in front of the model will be fix soon

Maby lasers fore people who make Festival things and not use Bengel flames

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Thanks for the reminder. I realize this is quite an annoying problem. We haven’t managed to fix that yet, it’s a bug deep inside the 3D engine, but it will definitely be fixed at some point!

It would be very nice to add Multicolored Steppers!

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Lichterbilder erzeugen zu können währe Super. Eine Art Steckbrett für Lichterlanzen komplett Variabel. Es ist auch gut wenn man Stepper im Bogen setzten könnte.


oui de l’eau un étang ,ou une plage ,ou un fleuve pour reflet !!


Greats ideas!

I would add some new feature that can be useful and more realistics:

  • more realistic ripple of comets
  • smoke trails (not only smoke at origin of the explosion)
  • possibility to configure the direction and speed of the wind



That will be version 3.2.1 or 3.2.3 with these features.


Thanks for your reply Josué👍

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A feature that would be really nice to have is the ability to select multiple cues via click+drag. I’m not sure if this is possible on the current update.