Firework Company Effects

Issues with creating effects? I help you.
I made some reallife effects from diffrent company’s.

I put them here so you can find it easy.
In the meanwhile i update this page fore more real effects.

Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik AB

XENA Fireworks

Thank you for making these!

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Risaca Fireworks
Risaca Fireworks – Google Drive

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In which folder should the downloaded file be placed?

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FWsim loads effects from “Documents → FW-Sim”. There, you will have one subfolder per author name. You can also arrange your effects files differently and group them by subject, for example. So when you download effects you could put them into a folder “Documents → FW-Sim → DFWST” or “Documents → FW-Sim → Effects I downloaded from the FWsim community forum”.

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When you download effects from the company’s.
Some effect doesn’t work anymore.

Fore example the Super fast comet from Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik AB

If you want it work again, click on the effect > Edite effect > Add explosion.
This willalso be in the recent new company of Risaca fireworks!

Also some willow effects have now bright tails, if you don’t want bright tails but some tails on spark!

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Dear Lukas,
I have put the file into "Documents → FW-Sim
But the program still doesn’t show up

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Hi, @LIAM. Your post should be here in FWsim 3.5 Beta Feedback. Click here to post your problem

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Dear HarmonyStarFireworks
I am currently on version 3.4, so do I need to update to version 3.5?
How to update to version 3.5?

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Hi Liam,

you have put the effect file into the right folder, so it should work. Let’s investigate why it doesn’t:

  1. Do you get any error message when FWsim starts?
  2. After putting the file in that folder, did you restart FWsim?

The current beta version is a preview of FWsim 3.5. So it’s “FWsim 3.5” even though the version number still starts with “3.4”. The version number will be increased to 3.5 once testing is complete.

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Dear Lukas,
No error window,
Have restarted the program

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Dear Lukas,
The version shown on the program

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New company effects comming in 2024!!

New effects will be come from Vulcan Europe, World Toughest Fireworks (WTF), Caffero Fireworks & events , St8ment Fireworks :star_struck:



hello! I’ve recently downloaded these and there is a mine that goes from right to left in a single position, (also known as the 06200 bruiser,) is there a way to repeat it, but instead of right to left it goes left to right?

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Hi @OCGCooper and welcome to the forum.

I haven’t looked at the specific effect you mention, however I believe this would work: If you use FWsim Creative Edition, you can do this:

  1. go to preferences
  2. Enable “Allow changing of firework rotation”
  3. Select the effect in the timeline
  4. Adjust the “firework rotation” to 180° in the sidebar on the right

If you use FWsim Basic or FWsim on Steam, then you can probably open the effect in the effect editor, edit the settings, and save a copy. If you need more help on that, feel free to post again.

Best Regards,

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New effects soon from Caffero - Event & Firework

You can download this pack in the Discord and on this page.
Join the Discord for early accses for some effects and sneaks!

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Join the Discord now to have 2 exclusive cakes what NOT be will published in this pack in the FWsim Libery!

Download the:
5032 - Golden Wave King & White Blink (25Shots Z row)
5028 - Brocade To Color (30Shots Straight up)

The both cakes have a hight of 130m

The effects will be removed on 14-02-2024!

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Showtime PSE effects release on 14-03-2024

See some comming fireworks cakes via the link
15 new cakes in it with duration and shots info.

This playlist will not be updated when the effects came out!

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The first show with the Showtime PSE effects is out

→ 12 days for release